Shaun Dakin over at the National Political Do-Not-Contact Registry has posted the picks for the worst, and the weirdest, robocalls of 2008.

Leading the voting in the “weirdest” category on Dakin’s website was the anti-Hillary call launched and paid for by Robert Morrow, a longtime anti-Clinton activist. The call went out to some voters in South Carolina before last year’s Democratic primary there.

The call featured a litany of allegations against Sen. Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. Among the less salacious charges Morrow made in the call: “Hillary thinks cats are expendable; can you trust her?”

As for the “worst” robocall of ’08, that honor goes to the McCain campaign. Dakin’s readers voted the call that highlighted Barack Obama’s connection to “domestic terrorist Bill Ayers” the worst of ’08.  

Dakin has the full text and audio of the calls, if you haven’t heard them already, posted on his blog.

Shane D’Aprile is senior editor at Politics magazine.