Campaigns & Elections' Politics magazine today broadened its reach to all Latin America with the launch of its Spanish-language edition. In January 2010, Politics magazine will be distributed to Spanish-speaking political professionals, candidates, and public affairs executives.

Circulation for the Latin American edition of Politics magazine will be 25,000. “Politics is read in nearly forty countries. We are pleased to have developed a new editorial product that adapts to the conditions on the ground, while maintaining the high standard set by thirty years of publishing,” said Jordan Lieberman, magazine publisher.

The Latin American edition of Politics will borrow from parts of the US version, as well as develop unique content that will be written by Latin American experts. “This project brings together the collective knowledge of leading political professionals in order to expand the concept of the political consultancy in Latin America," commented Israel Navarro, Associate Editor.

The Editorial Advisory Board, in development, currently includes: Christopher Arterton, Jose Luis Sanchis, Ralph Murphine, Aleix Sanmartin, Luis Matos, Manuel Mora y Araujo, Roberto Izurieta, Jaime Duran, Mauricio De Vengoechea, Eduardo Gamarra, Gisela Rubach, Cesar Martinez and Rafael Reyes Arce. Additional founding sponsors include SegarraTeres Group.

Founded in 1980 by Stanley Foster Reed, Campaigns & Elections’ Politics magazine is published 13 times per year and covers the strategies, techniques and personalities of modern politics. It is read by thousands of federal, state and local elected officials, candidates for public office, party activists, issue campaigners, political consultants, campaign staffs, lobbyists, PAC directors, university professors, news reporters and numerous behind-the-scenes opinion makers.



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