Mapping the Robocalls

"You have just received a robocall from one of the robots that wants to take over our democracy.

"You have just received a robocall from one of the robots that wants to take over our democracy.” That’s the message on Shaun Dakin’s new robocall tracking form. Dakin runs the political-do-not-contact registry and has tracked down as much of the robocall audio he could get his hands on this election season.


Now he’s encouraging voters to report every robocall they receive in the final days before Nov. 4. The calls will be tracked and mapped. You can check out the map on Dakin’s blog.


And dive into the robocall debate on the Campaign Insider Blog. Dakin posts a challenge to the consultants: produce the evidence that robocalls are an effective form of outreach...

Show us the data that you have that proves that robo calls do more than turn voters off from elections, candidates and democracy. I have 85,000 members that all detest robo calls and want to stop the madness.

Democratic consultant and president of Zata3 Brad Chism fires back with a litany of reasons that robocalls work, and a pledge to root out the "bad actors" in the world of robocalls...

Political consultants aren’t in the business of intentionally angering target audiences. So the market forces will work to alter the volume and nature of robocalls. And while our firm doesn’t rely on robocalls for its livelihood, we heartily endorse measures to get the thugs out of the business.

Shane D'Aprile is web editor at Politics magazine.  

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