A GOP Challenger in PA


Sen. Arlen Specter, one of the three Senate Republicans that voted for the stimulus, has faced grumblings on the right for his too-liberal ways. And yesterday a primary challenger emerged as Larry Murphy, who lost to Specter in the 1998 primary, announced his candidacy, emphasizing his devotion to conservative issues:

It’s time to restore those Republican core American Values of faith, discipline, and conservative fiscal responsibility which we hold so dear. It is time to enforce freedom of Religions by not forcing people of the Judeo-Christian faiths to rewrite their holy scriptures in a way that promotes and/or accepts alternative marriages. Many of us are not perfect by any known or unknown metrics; as a result the Ten Commandments have been violated more than once. We do not ask for them to be rewritten to accommodate our behavior. Therefore we must not allow Republican core principles to be rewritten to accommodate Arlen Specter’s behavior.

Murphy, who in '98 came in a distant second in a three-way race, says that, now retired, he has more time for fundraising.

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