Thursday Must-Reads: The Name Game

The New York Times reports today that Kansas Gov.

The New York Times reports today that Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, noted for her bipartisan appeal, is the likely replacement for Daschle in the Health and Human Services seat—though chances are the president will be a bit more thorough with his vetting process this time around. Sebelius was seen as a likely candidate in the race replace the retiring Sen. Sam Brownback, so with a popular Democrat out of the race, the pressure is on in the Republican primary. Other candidates are starting to stake out space in 2010 Senate race:

Roy Blunt, former house minority whip, will announce today his entrace in the race for retiring Sen. Kit Bond's seat in Missouri. Jennifer Brunner, the Ohio secretary of state, will vie for George Voinovich's open seat. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) will face a primary foe this year. Virginia Republicans tell The Washington Post which Dems they fear most in the upcoming governors race.More Republican governors are following Bobby Jindal's decision to look carefully at the stimulus money before he decides to accept it. And Jindal has been doing some pretty good fundraising—making him a good contender for a 2012 race against Obama. Finally, on the lighter side, one idea of how failed Senate candidates can earn their keep.

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