Tewes Launches New Partners Inc.

Democrat Paul Tewes has formed a new consulting firm—New Partners Inc.

Democrat Paul Tewes has formed a new consulting firm—New Partners Inc. The announcement comes about a month after his former firm Hildebrand-Tewes, where he partnered with Steve Hildebrand, dissolved. From an email announcing the new venture Monday morning...

I am excited to announce the launch of “New Partners, Inc.”, a consulting firm that brings together the talents of several top political strategists from around the country. I have worked with each of these folks over the years in different capacities on different campaigns. We are looking forward to continuing that work on causes and candidates we believe in. Joining me as partners will be Tom McMahon, Cara Morris Stern, Dave Hamrick, Benjamin Jones, PJ McCann, Ami Copeland and Craig Schirmer. Yours truly, Paul Tewes

Along with his former partner Steve Hildebrand, Tewes was on board the Obama campaign early. He was state director for the Iowa Caucuses and later directed national party operations on behalf of the Obama campaign. And Tewes has said the parting of ways with his former partner Hildebrand was a friendly one. Among Tewes’ new partners are Tom McMahon, who served as executive director of the DNC from 2005-2009 and former Hildebrand-Tewes consultants—Cara Morris Stern, Dave Hamrick and Benjamin Jones. New Partners has a limited website already up with bios of its partners. Steve Hildebrand’s new firm is currently named Hildebrand Strategies. Hildebrand is working Florida Rep. Kendrick Meek’s 2010 senate race, and consulting for former V.P. Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Change. Shane D'Aprile is senior editor at Politics magazine. sdaprile@politicsmagazine.com

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