Monday Must-Reads: Pa. Primaries

The shape of next year's Pennsylvania Senate race is changing quickly.

The shape of next year's Pennsylvania Senate race is changing quickly. Despite top Dems' promises to clear the primary, Rep. Joe Sestak sounds increasingly willing to run against new Democrat Arlen Specter (Nate Silver considers how that challenge is both good and bad for the party). On the Republican side, too, it looks like there will still be a primary, as former Gov. Tom Ridge sounds willing to run. He should offer a more moderate alternative—and a stiffer general election challenge—than Pat Toomey. Politico continues to consider the insider consequences of Specter's switch, looking at how staffers have suffered in the past after their boss switched parties. Also earning attention is Virginia's gubernatorial race, slated for this fall. Terry McAuliffe, who leads the Democratic field in recent polls, is running on a long history of business ties, which some see as a risky strategy. Obama has selected a former labor lawyer to fill a vacancy at the FEC, a move that's earning mixed reviews. Over a half-billion dollars has been spent on health-care advocacy ads over the past few years. Politico takes a look at some key players. There's some new insights into the GOP's push towards the future. The Post is one of many to take a take a look at of National Council for a New America, a new GOP rebranding effort spearheaded by House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (see their webiste here). On a conference call hosted by contributing tech writer and web 2.0 consultant David All, RNC New Media Director Todd Herman unveils what he'll emphasize for the party's online communications. But the party's not only looking forward; GOP press secretaries will hear advice from former Bush aides at their annual conference this week. Sarah Palin has logged into Twitter (@Sarah_Palin), so even if she's dismissed by some party leaders, she can communicate with her enthusiastic base. The White House, too ha jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, and is covering all  bases by getting on Facebook and MySpace, too.

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