Friday Must-Reads: Pennsylvania Plotting

Former Pennsylvania Gov.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge has decided not to run against Arlen Specter next year—the GOP is "too doggone shrill," he said—taking a load off Democrats' back. Ridge was polling ahead of all of the Democratic candidates, who are in turn polling ahead of likely Republican nominee Pat Toomey. Just who the Democratic candidate will be is far from clear, though, as 63 percent are still uncommitted on Specter. Nate Silver reasons that Ridge's decision is based on one of two things: Either he's happy being out of politics—or he's decided that a clash with the conservative Toomey would not help a future presidential run. The day's other Specter news: After losing his seniority, a new deal is made granting Specter chairmanship of a subcommittee. Illinois remains one of the year's other most interesting Senate races. Burris says his decision to run will come down to money—so if he has any interest, hopefully he's doing better now than his $845 first quarter.

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