Tuesday Must-Reads: The Crist Effect

It's widely expected that Florida Gov.

It's widely expected that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will announce his Senate candidacy today, which looks to Cillizza like a stepping stone to a presidential race and has many interesting implications for the Republican Party. It might be okay for Democrats, too, making it highly likely the state has a moderate senator instead of a 50-50 shot between a moderate Democrat and a conservative Republican. But Crist will have to get past Florida conservatives first. Former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio was ready to go and already has a reponse out: Beleaguered NJ Gov. Jon Corzine is getting a little campaign help from Joe Biden. And he's not the only one with celebrity star power. Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe held an event with pop star will.i.am yesterday, which despite attracting only 30 attendees got plenty of earned media (like this!). New polling suggest if McAuliffe wins the primary (and he's been leading), he may have to work hard to hold onto independents with negative opinions. The Republican candidate, Bob McDonnell, got his first ad on the air yesterday: Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey now sounds more open to backing a primary opponent against Arlen Specter than first reported. Politico continues its series of articles wondering whether x will stick with the senator now that he's switched primaries, this time focusing on fundraisers. Some final quick hits:

What would have changed had John Edwards had dropped out of the primary? Looks like not much. Al Franken's legal team has submitted their brief to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

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