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Your Dilemma… You’re an American consultant.

Your Dilemma… You’re an American consultant. A foreign candidate who opposes America’s current foreign policy agenda wants to hire you for his campaign. What do you do? Your Choices… It is rare to completely agree with a client, so the void here might be only a little more than you’re used to. I would probably take the client.—K.T., Democratic consultant for Congressional and down-ballot races From my perspective, my conscience would be in check if the foreign candidate’s views refl ected my personal views as well.—C.M., Republican consultant How much are they paying? As long as they don’t want to bomb us and recognize the right of Israel to exist, other agenda items fl ow with public opinion.—R.O., Democratic media consultant I support the U.S. Democratic Party fi rst. So my answer must be no—it would be counter-productive for me in future gigs with the U.S. party. Of course, if the opportunity had materialized last year…—L.D., Democratic grassroots organizer It depends on which part of our foreign policy agenda they disagree with and to what degree. I’d probably take the client unless they were nuts.—B.W., Democratic PR consultant I wouldn’t work for a foreign interest wanting representation to change domestic foreign policy. It’s not within my ethical framework to undermine national democracy by allowing other interests to undermine the domestic policy agenda.—J.B., Australian political strategistHave a better answer? Let us know in the comments.

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