Coming & Going: July 2

Amy Young has joined Zata3 as a consultant with its grassroots advocacy program.

Amy Young has joined Zata3 as a consultant with its grassroots advocacy program. Brad Chism, president of the communications firm, writes in an release:

Amy brings almost 20 years of experience in political campaigns and advocacy, and more than decade of experience working inside the Beltway to advance the progressive agenda. A native of Dayton, Ohio, Amy has worked for SEIU, the DNC, the AFLCIO, and was the ED of the Ohio Democratic Party. Currently president of the Progressive Solutions Group, Amy is skilled at mobilizing real people to effect change in Washington.

Matt Burns, former communications director with the RNC, has launched Compelem Strategies, LLC, a St. Paul, Minn., based full-service communications firm. The firm, which will work with non-profit, corporate and political clients, will also have "strategic partners" in D.C. and New York. Burns led the communications effort at last year's Republican convention.James Davis, who has led communications efforts at the Pentagon and the RNC, has launched a new communications firm, The Surge Strategies. Burson Snyder has joined Rep. Roy Blunt's 2010 campaign for the open U.S. Senate seat in Missouri. Snyder, who will serve as communications director, has previously worked in Blunt's leadership office and on former Sen. Fred Thompson's 2008 presidential campaign.(h/t Potomac Flacks)Have a staff move or new client for your firm? Let us know at Check for new Coming & Going and Sign-up posts each day. Then look for our featured moves in the next issue of Politics magazine.

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