All About The April Issue of Politics

Welcome to the April issue of Politics magazine.

Welcome to the April issue of Politics magazine. We have a great selection of stories for you, covering campaign technology, polling and one very curious Senate campaign. This month’s cover story examines Sen. Scott Brown’s come-from-nowhere win in Massachusetts’ special election. Jeremy P. Jacobs, the magazine’s crackerjack staff writer, explains that—in the midst of Tea Parties, the healthcare reform debate and a harsh national climate—what campaigns do on the ground still matters. Then Shane D’Aprile, our savvy senior editor, takes an in-depth look at instant run-off voting. With more cities and municipalities adopting the alternative balloting system, he examines the debate over IRV’s effectiveness as well as the tactical approaches to IRV elections. April’s case study is all about Wikipedia. William Beutler, of The Wikipedian (and New Media Strategies), writes that there are ways for campaigns to work with the online encyclopedia—they just need to know how. Pollster John Anzalone is featured in this month’s Movers & Shakers. He tells us what it’s like working with Blue Dog Democrats in the run up to what looks like a tough midterm election. And there’s much more, visit the April table of contents to check it out. Also, the deadline for our Rising Star nominations is coming up. So if you’ve got an up-and-comer on your team—that’s anyone under the age of 35 who has made a mark on the campaign world—make sure to send in an application.James Klatell is the managing editor of Politics magazine.

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