10 Ways Direct Mail Can Help Give Your Campaign a Winning Edge

In the May 2010 issue, Karen Tucker of the U.

In the May 2010 issue, Karen Tucker of the U.S. Postal Service wrote that Mail Power Is Your Power. Here she gives you 10 more reasons to reach voters through the mail. Mail allows people to: 10. Pump up your media efforts for maximum reach, impact and results. 9. Use direct mail’s pass-along value to reach more voters and help shape public opinion. 8. Explain a platform in far more detail than a 30 second TV ad will allow. 7. Build on your polling data by including surveys and questionnaires to targeted demographics. 6. Explore a wide range of formats for various purposes and to increase cost-effectiveness. 5. Customize mailings with personal messages and graphics. 4. Reach almost any voter in the U.S. 3. Measure the effectiveness of a mail piece by tracking results – did visitors to your website go up after a mailing or were you able to increase attendance at certain events where you used mail to get the word out. 2. Take advantage of mail as one of the leading response- and revenue-generating channels for fundraising. 1. Target the persuadable voters can still be influenced to support your issues or causes!Karen Tucker is the manager of transaction mail for the U.S. Postal Service and is spearheading a comprehensive national plan for managing the Postal Service’s increasingly critical role in U.S. elections.

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