Reed Awards 2012


Hackney & Hackney, Inc.
Credit: Sheldon Smith, Voiceover Talent

Battle for Bristol Bay



  • Hackney & Hackney, Inc., Battle for Bristol Bay
    Credit: Sheldon Smith, Voiceover Talent
  • The Mellman Group, Michael Wessel, Tracy Sefl, Ayers, McHenry & Associates, American Alliance for Manufacturing
    Credit: Scott Paul, Executive Director, AAM; Whit Ayres, President, Ayres McHenry; Jon McHenry, Partner and Vice President; Michael Wessel, President, Wessel Group; Mark Mellman, President and CEO, TMG; Michael Bloomfield, Executive Vice President; Amber Carrier, Analyst TMG; Tracy Sefl, PR Consultant
  • Penn Schoen Berland, Merchants Payments Coalition
    Credit: Robert Green, Penn Schoen Berland; Adam Rosenblatt, Penn Schoen Berland; Marius Penczner, Penczner Media; Jay Ragsdale, Ragsdale Studios; Roy Fletcher, Roy Fletcher, Inc.; Mark Devito, Proof Integrated Communications; Lyle Beckwith, NACS; David French, NRF; Mallory Duncan, MPC/NRF

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